Are white boxers deaf? 13 white boxer facts.

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White boxers have a 30% chance of being deaf. White boxers are at no higher risk of being blind than any other dog.

It’s a common myth that all white boxers are deaf. The truth is white boxers have a 30% chance of deafness, the same odds as a Dalmatian. 


Such as these Bat Wings.

According to the research stated by the American Boxer Club, this means that you can count on only about 22% of White boxers being deaf unilaterally and only 8% are deaf in both ears. This brings the total affected by some degree of deafness to roughly 30% or one-third of white boxers.  It is noted that this figure is slightly different here in the United States as the breed has been slightly branched from Europe. In European white boxers, the chance of deafness is reduced. This is inconclusive as other research states as low as only a 2% chance for deafness in both ears.

The sw allele in boxers and bull terriers confers an even milder phenotype: only 2% of white dogs have bilateral deafness

© 2007 Nature Publishing Group

If you do have a deaf dog, training them will require extra effort but with patience and love, they can still be a great addition to the family. For example, training with hand signals can work great. While deaf dogs excel at learning hand signals they will need to be closely supervised in public and high-traffic areas as they will need to rely on their vision and sense of smell instead of hearing.

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White boxer dogs don’t have any extra risk of being blind. 

Studies have not found any conclusive results showing that there is any higher risk of a white boxer being blind. However, boxers can be prone to some higher health risks that could evolve into deteriorating eye problems, which may give some weight to this myth. Some studies show that blue eyes in animals do cause a higher risk of blindness but this is not limited to the white boxer. The white boxer while lacking traditional pigment is not albino and therefore does not specifically have a higher risk of eye disease. 

White boxers do sunburn

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Most white boxers love playing, no matter what is going on outside. The sun can be brutal on our pups. White boxers have mostly pink skin and therefore can get sunburns equal to or worse than exposed human skin. These amazing dogs need to spend time in the shade, and it’s worth looking into dog-safe sunscreens for long outdoor outings. 

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If you are going to be in the sun we recommend sunscreen for your boxer such as the ones on Amazon. Make sure to check for any reaction from your dog before using it completely. Some types will work better for different dogs. We had good luck with the ones below.

White boxers are great family dogs

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Boxers are one of our favorite family dogs. They retain their youthful puppy-like energy for years so they do best with an active family full of kids and outdoor enthusiasts. Boxers are goofy and fun and will provide endless cuddles when you need them. These dogs get along great with most other household pets as well. While sweet and lovable, this dog will protect your family and show outsiders that they are a force to be reckoned with. Do consider, they will need a little more patience and training than some dog breeds. Your boxers can be a great addition to your family, and with their silly nature, they are sure to bring a grin to your child’s face.

“Boxers are upbeat and playful. Their patience and protective nature have earned them a reputation as a great dog with children. They take the jobs of watchdog and family guardian seriously and will meet threats fearlessly.”

Don’t forget the water!

White boxers have a low tolerance for heat and cold. 

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Boxers don’t do well with extreme temperatures on either side, hot or cold. Due to the way, boxers are built and the shape of the head, they have trouble with thermal regulation. This means in the summer, they will once again require more shade, lots of water, and breaks. In the winter, a coat or jacket will be a necessity. The rule here is if you wouldn’t want to be outside with no clothes on, your boxer doesn’t either.

Coats for Boxer Dogs

Do Boxers have short tails?

Boxers have a very large and hard tails. Frequently, boxers have docked tails. This is a fairly common practice as the tail can be an extra part of care when one has a boxer with an undocked tail. The tail can often be damaged while excessively wagging resulting in bloody or broken tails. This tail can also sweep a table clear with the best of them. While some animal lovers disagree with tail cropping, many still actively practice it. If you are adopting an animal, you usually will not have much choice in this matter. The practice of tail cropping would need to be done at a young age if at all. 

White boxers are not albino or rare.

Unlike some white animals, white boxers are not albino. They are just a regular variation of the breed and have been for as long as a record can track.

“The introduction of the all-white gene into the Boxer gene pool is often blamed on early crosses to a white English Bulldog in the 1890s, yet white Boxers existed long before the crosses to the Bulldog were made”

Boxers can and probably will be Goofballs.

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Most boxers are goofy dogs full of personality. They remind us of humans with the various diverse facial expressions delivered. They are loyal but also stubborn and unpredictable. When you have a boxer, you need to be ready for anything. They are basically puppies until around 3 years of age. This is great but can be exhausting if you are now willing to provide an active lifestyle. Most dogs calm down after 1 to 2 years but not boxers. They can be full of energy but also have the incredible curiosity and stealth of a toddler. They are always curious and amazed by new smells, sights, and sounds. It’s joyful to watch them poke around and wonder about all the new adventures you can bring them on. 

They are the sweetest cuddly dogs; they have no understanding of personal space

This goes for anyone or any other animals in the house. They don’t typically want to squish you or the cat, but they might if you let them. Once a boxer is full-grown, they will still think they are a lap dog. Be prepared for them to run or jump over you with little regard for accidentally hurting you. They can be trained, though it may take some extra patience, especially in a rescue.

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Do you like watching TV, well I hope you don’t mind a dog in your way? One moment, you’re watching your favorite show or chilling out with a book after a hard day’s work, then you have a 60-90lb dog sitting on your lap. You think you’re getting up; good luck! I sometimes think they can change their mass on command. Without warning my legs are paralyzed and I’m at the mercy of a giant tongue in my face. Good thing our family loves him! We have learned you may have to push him off before he gets too comfortable or you’re not going anywhere for the rest of the evening.

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Why you should adopt a rescue but especially a white boxer? 

We highly encourage you to research adopting a dog. You want to do your research just like we did. I had a boxer years ago; however, I still had to convince the family. Thankfully, I had done the research on the topics above so that I could answer any questions they may have. I had to convince them that adopting a dog was a good choice for us, as well as for the dog. The life of a dog that is unwanted is sad. I tried to think about how it would live just waiting for someone to come and provide a better life. I have had puppies and while I love raising them and seeing their cutest phases, they are a lot of work. They require time for potty training, and leash training, and be prepared to lose many shoes to a new puppy.

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While an adult dog may have its own set of trust issues etc they frequently come potty trained and are just grateful for your attention. Rescuing a dog is providing them with that second chance that they so deserve. White boxers are unfortunately only partially recognized by the AKC, so they are not to be used for breeding. This makes it so many people who run puppy mills will get rid of these beautiful dogs. Rescuing this beautiful breed saves them from unnecessary euthanasia.

Why you should spay or neuter your white boxer

White boxers do not meet the breeding standards for the AKC. If a white boxer is used in breeding the chance to have more white boxers in the future litters can increase. Since the white boxer does have a few more risk factors for hearing and allergies, they are considered by many to be less desirable. We completely disagree and think this is just another amazing type of boxer. Spaying and neutering to prevent overpopulation also reduce the need for so many adoptions and rescues of abandoned animals.   

Before you adopt, some things you should know

Be sure to investigate the agency you are adopting from. Try to visit the dog and ask as much as you can about the background. It’s important to know what the dog has been through, and/or if the dog is ok around children and other pets. With patience and consistency, many dogs can be trained and undesirable behaviors changed. We would still not recommend a dog that has aggressive tendencies if they are going to be around your children or other pets. Rehoming a pet should always be a last resort.

We believe you will love your adopted pet.

It only took a few days to get used to our new family addition, and since then it’s like he has always been here. We love our boxer, Jake, along with our other various rescues including another dog that was saved around six years ago, three cats, and most recently a bunny. Our daughter does have two dogs that visit from time to time, and they were both puppies when she got them.

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Now all the dogs are part of our family, and we would never think of them as anything other than just that. It doesn’t matter anymore where they came from. They are happy, they play, they pig out, and they enjoy the air conditioning when they get hot. We do occasionally wonder what Jake’s prior life looked like as he will respond to pig grunts and loves to get dirty. We do know that he is happier with us, and we are glad we could give him a second chance.  

Resources to help you

Our experiences can’t tell you what yours will look like. We highly encourage anyone to adopt at your local shelter. Please research and check your local rescues as well. If you can help, please do, that doesn’t always mean you are going to adopt. Sometimes just a bag of food or some time volunteering at your local shelter can be a huge help. It’s beneficial to you, and to the dogs. It would even give you a chance to get to know some of the possible new family members a little closer so you can make the right fit for your situation.  Here are a few other resources that may be useful when trying to find adoptions. There are unfortunately too many to list so please contact us if you would like us to list you, or with any other questions.

A great site with references to several agencies in most states.

A boxer rescue with a handy map to find a boxer near you

Houston boxer rescue

Norcal boxer rescue


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