Celebrate the Holidays!

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Week of 10/5-10/11

Monday, 10/5

World Teacher’s Day!
teacher digital 1

This great holiday was actually established originally in 1888 and is the birthday of the second president of India. In 1962 it was changed to Teachers Day and while students and teachers would still attend school, instead of academics they would have a celebration! I don’t have to tell you that times are hard and school is a great challenge we are facing in the pandemic.

Let’s take this day to thank our teachers that are working hard to keep making alternative lesson plans for our children and doing their best to keep educating. Depending on what type of schooling you’re in, reach out and let the teachers know how much they are appreciated by baking them a treat (if your kids are physically attending school) or have your kids make a homemade card and send it to them.

Tuesday, 10/6

National Mad Hatter Day!
madhatter holliday

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last century, we all know the story/movie Alice in Wonderland. While I recommend reading the book by Lewis Carroll, the movies are equally as delightful. This day is dedicated to the fan-favorite, the Mad Hatter. Celebrate the day with your children wearing your top hats (you can always make one out of construction paper etc) and have a crazy tea party for the whole family.

Wednesday, 10/7

Frappe day!
frppe day

As adults, we have all had those mornings where we are exhausted and need our coffee. Then there are days where we also could use a bit of a sugar rush as well and what better way to meet both requirements than getting a frappe. While we have all had one, what you may not know is this delicious morning treat originated in Greece when a Nestle distributor accidentally made the drink at a fair. Accident or not, we are definitely thanking them! Today stop at your favorite coffee shop and get a frappe because after all your hard work and patience you deserve one. Not feeling like paying $5-$6 for a coffee? Make yours at home, mix together instant coffee, ice, and milk to get this consistency. Get creative and add caramel, chocolate, or flavored coffee creamer.

Thursday, 10/8

National Fluffernutter Day!
flluffernutter day

For those that don’t live in the New England area, you may wonder exactly what a fluffernutter sandwich is? Fluffernutter is a childhood favorite that is similar to peanut butter and jelly but instead of jelly, it is replaced with marshmallow fluff. While marshmallows have been around since the 1800’s the invention of fluff occurred in 1917. This delightful condiment was created in Massachusetts and was sold door to door as a sugar substitute as sugar was not regularly available. While the need for fluff eventually died down it was decided to release a fluff cookbook in 1940 and in 1960 the fluffernutter sandwich became trademarked. If you haven’t tried one of these yet, go to the store and get a container of fluff, (located in the baking aisle) your favorite peanut butter, bread and enjoy this amazing and simple treat.

Friday, 10/9

World Egg Day!
egg day

Whether you like them scrambled, poached, or over-easy eggs are a great source of protein and very versatile with ways to cook them. World egg day is celebrated internationally to help promote as well as educate the importance and benefits of adding eggs to your diet. In addition to eggs being a great source of protein, they are cheap, and even if they are not your favorite you can use them for many recipes. Today, add eggs to your breakfast, and if they are not a regular staple at your house try cooking them different ways to see what new favorites you can come up with.

Saturday, 10/10

World Mental Health Day!
mental health

Each year we see more and more people affected by various mental illnesses. Mental illness is commonly overlooked and just as important as our physical health. Today is about bringing awareness to taking care of ourselves mentally and implementing steps to help achieve a healthy mentality. The mental health theme this year is relating to COVID and isolation. This year has been hard with social distancing and many people that already struggle with mental illness are feeling more helpless than ever. In light of this remember to take time for yourself, get plenty of rest and reach out for help when needed. If you know someone that is struggling or feeling isolated reach out to them today and check on them. You may be their light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, 10/11

It’s My Party Day!
its my party day

Well, it’s not hard to explain or celebrate this day! It’s all about throwing a party. You don’t need a reason or a birthday to celebrate. Grab some food and music and party with your closest friends and family. I know that right now due to social distancing having a large party may not be an option but you can celebrate with your family at home and you can always set up a Zoom or Facetime party with friends that can not attend.

By Ourfamily

We are a recently blended family of five. As the parents in this household, we have a variety of struggles with two bouts of cancer, fibromyalgia, and hypertension between us. We are real people just trying to help others with similar difficulties bring back the joy and fun in your family’s life. Our happy family consists of three wonderful children with ages ranging from eight to seventeen. Between our children, we are challenged daily with diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, and spirited personalities all around. They each have their own strengths as well as struggles giving them each a delightful and unique addition to our family. We are also blessed with several fur babies such as our two quirky pups, three moody cats, and a chunky bunny. With this ever-growing circus, we are always looking for life hacks to make life just a little easier.