Celebrate the Holidays!

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Week of 10/12-10/18

Monday, 10/12

International Moment of Frustration Scream Day!

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While we normally don’t recommend screaming in our house and we are all quick to remind our kids to use their indoor voices, this day is an exception. As parents, we are rewarded with the accomplishments and love our children show us. However, on the way to these rewards, there is frequently crying, yelling, and pulling our hair out. Today, make it a family event as we all know our kids love screaming and we only wish that we could. Go outside and scream for 30 seconds, we promise you will feel better.

Tuesday, 10/13

National M&M Day!

mm day 50

Yes! You read that right, a day dedicated to delicious chocolates. What you may not know is that M&M’s were actually created in 1941 so that soldiers could carry this delicious treat with them and not melt while in hot climates. Whatever the original reason was for creating this candy we can all agree we love them. Grab a package of them today and share it with the kids. (or not) Don’t forget to try one of their newer flavors such as brownie batter, pretzel, or chocolate popcorn.

Wednesday, 10/14

National Dessert Day!

desert day 50

This holiday is personally one of our family’s favorites! Like most families, we don’t promote dessert every night as it is meant to be a treat. Today, bake or make delicious cookies, cakes, donuts, or candy to end your family’s dinner tonight. Not feeling like baking? No problem hit up a local bakery and pick up a sweet treat that you have never tried before. If you are feeling really generous pick up a couple of sampler platters (cookies or cakes) and for dinner let everyone have a small sample of each.

Thursday, 10/15

Grouch Day!

grouch day 50

No, this holiday is not permitted to be grouchy all day. Grouch day is all about celebrating our childhood favorite, Oscar the Grouch. We all love this grouchy character and while in real life no one wants to deal with a grouch we can’t help but love and relate to the characters. My own personal favorite would be a grumpy cat as I never get tired of his memes. Today, we can use this day to teach ourselves and other positive ways to process our inner grouch and help us process our emotions effectively.

Friday, 10/16

Global Cat Day!

cat day 50

While not everyone is a huge fan of cats, as a society they have been around as far back as ancient Egypt. These four-legged creatures have become amazing and independent house pets and have taken over the internet by storm. Today is not just about celebrating and respecting our fellow feline friends but to also bring to light how many are euthanized in shelters each year. This is due largely in part to overpopulation due to pet abandonment and lack of spay/neutering pets. As a reminder, always spay or neuter your pets and try to give a shelter cat a second chance at life if you are looking to add a pet to the family.

Saturday, 10/17

National Pasta Day

pasta day 50

Ah, pasta….everyone’s favorite and one of the most versatile staples in our pantry. Whether it be the traditional spaghetti, a hearty lasagna (check out our lazy lasagna recipe), or an amazing carbonara the ideas are endless. Tonight make your favorite pasta dish or look up a new recipe to try. Don’t forget the salad and breadsticks.

Sunday, 10/18

Meatloaf Appreciation Day!

meatloaf yummy 1 50

This delicious dish is hearty and will take you back to your mother’s kitchen. It can be made in several ways with almost any type of ground meat. You can add almost anything to it to make it your own and even better you can hide those veggies that the kids won’t eat. Added bonus, it’s budget-friendly and a quick way to use up ingredients that will be expiring soon.

By Ourfamily

We are a recently blended family of five. As the parents in this household, we have a variety of struggles with two bouts of cancer, fibromyalgia, and hypertension between us. We are real people just trying to help others with similar difficulties bring back the joy and fun in your family’s life. Our happy family consists of three wonderful children with ages ranging from eight to seventeen. Between our children, we are challenged daily with diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, and spirited personalities all around. They each have their own strengths as well as struggles giving them each a delightful and unique addition to our family. We are also blessed with several fur babies such as our two quirky pups, three moody cats, and a chunky bunny. With this ever-growing circus, we are always looking for life hacks to make life just a little easier.