Celebrate the Holidays! Week of 10/26-11/1

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Monday, 10/26

National Pumpkin Day

What holiday could be more appropriate for the Fall season and with Halloween looming nearby? National Pumpkin Day is all about our favorite orange friend that is not only fun to carve but when eaten is full of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. If you haven’t picked your pumpkins for Halloween yet, take today to go pick out this perfect Halloween decoration! 

Tuesday, 10/27

National Black Cat Day

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While the black cat is frequently known as bad luck and a frequent decoration in the Halloween season, they are also one of the most beautiful creatures to grace your home. These small panther’s offer just as much love as any other color but are the least adoptable cat due to age-old stereotypes and superstitions. We own two and they are so full of love and personality that we wouldn’t trade them for the world. If you are looking at adding a furry friend to your home consider adopting a black cat or kitten. We promise you won’t regret it!

Wednesday, 10/28

National Chocolate Day

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My question is why don’t we have National Chocolate Day more than once a year? In all seriousness, the use of cacao beans has been documented as fastback as 1100 BC. This sweet treat comes in many forms ranging from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even white chocolate (which is not technically real chocolate.) While many of us have come to rely on this special and comforting treat many scientists are concerned that due to global warming the cocoa plants may not be able to survive. If this does occur we could be looking at the extinction of the cocoa plants within 40 years. This is just another one of many reasons to continue working on saving our planet. Celebrate today by picking up your favorite chocolate bar or baking a chocolate dessert for your family to share.

Thursday, 10/29

National Internet Day

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I remember the days before the internet was readily available to us but there is a good chance that none of our children do. The internet has been a work in progress for many years but first became publicly available on April 30, 1993. It allowed so many new possibilities for research and connecting with friends but even the early internet was much different than what we are accustomed to now. This day, first celebrated in 2005 was created for us to celebrate the amazing people that helped create this amazing technology that many of us now can not live without. While it is an incredible invention too much of anything is not a good thing. Between our computers, phones, and tablets we are always accessing information. Make sure to set a limit for screen time so it can be enjoyed responsibly.

Friday, 10/30

National Candy Corn Day

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Love it or hate it we are all familiar with the waxy candy called candy corn. This simple candy made of mainly corn syrup and sugar is a favorite among many and it is estimated that 35 million pounds are manufactured each year. A little known fact is that when it was initially made it was called “chicken feed” and did just that. Later in the 1950’s it was called a buttercream candy but was changed due to it having no real butter in it. Today, if you are a fan, indulge in a bag of this seasonal treat.

Saturday, 10/31



Witches, ghouls, and goblins! Oh my! This fun and the spooky holiday is a night that we fondly remember as children and adults. While trick or treating is the most common activity on this holiday, this year we have been presented with the obstacle of getting safely through the pandemic. If you aren’t comfortable trick or treating with your children this year make a fun alternative plan instead. You can attend a trunk or treat or if you wish to stay safely at home make a goodie bag for each family member. Fill it with candy, popcorn, and other favorites. Rent an age-appropriate Halloween movie. (We love Nightmare Before Christmas) You can also put together simple crafts with your little ones with little effort. (Check out our article on fun Halloween crafts or our Costume guide.)

Sunday, 11/1

National Cook for Your Pets Day

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We know you love your pets. Your pets whether it be dogs, cats, bunnies, or lizards are like our second children and most certainly our best friend. Today is about showing them a little appreciation by cooking them a small meal or treat. In our home, we not only feed our dogs kibble but also cook homemade dog food in addition. (Read our recipe on easy dog food) Your pets will thank you and will most certainly confirm those amazing chef skills! Before making your pet’s food today make sure that you research what is safe to give them as we want them to enjoy their meals safely.

By Ourfamily

We are a recently blended family of five. As the parents in this household, we have a variety of struggles with two bouts of cancer, fibromyalgia, and hypertension between us. We are real people just trying to help others with similar difficulties bring back the joy and fun in your family’s life. Our happy family consists of three wonderful children with ages ranging from eight to seventeen. Between our children, we are challenged daily with diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, and spirited personalities all around. They each have their own strengths as well as struggles giving them each a delightful and unique addition to our family. We are also blessed with several fur babies such as our two quirky pups, three moody cats, and a chunky bunny. With this ever-growing circus, we are always looking for life hacks to make life just a little easier.