Do you want this year’s best costumes? Don’t wait, we did the shopping for you.

We have all had the best of intentions for the following Halloween. We all want that unique costume for next year or have plans to make our children the best homemade costume ever. Other times the costume you wanted is sold out or is so complicated piecing it together seems impossible.

It’s time to shop, we are breaking down our favorite costumes on Amazon for this year’s Halloween. Shipping delays, especially this year make it important to get on the ball and plan ahead. We did the shopping so you don’t have to, lets see our best costumes this year.

We do get some revenue from the Amazon links below, but the cost won’t change for you.

Best toddler, and infant costumes

The Child and Gizmo

yoda 4708878 1920 edited

The Child, or baby Yoda as we have all come to know him by, this cute costume from Disney The Mandalorian TV show will be popular with all new parents.

Maybe we are suckers for those big cute ears, that being said this baby Gizmo costume is so cute we can’t pass it up. Imagine your child being this adorable and fuzzy for Halloween.


This charming little “avocuddles” is adorable. Something about infant costumes that are always the cutest.

gizmo gremlins movie poster

Baby dragon

What can I say a dragon melts our hearts (so cheesy I know), either way, this is adorable.


Pokemon has been a hit for a long time, Pikachu being the most iconic of them all.

Classic Pumpkin

This is our favorite classic, if you want irresistible pictures this is the costume to get, it never lets you down.

Best children’s costumes. This year is still very superhero heavy

Black Panther

black panther halloween

It’s sad the passing of Chadwick Boseman, but we believe its best to celebrate his achievements, and what better way than to dress as one of his iconic roles on the day of the dead. We know the kids love Black Panther, he is one of our favorites too.


With the new live-action rendition, this is sure to be a hit this year, and will probably sell out quick

mulan toy movie

Inflatable Dino

We love the inflatable dinosaurs here, these are always fun, and hold up surprisingly well, just watch out for really sharp objects.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s first movie was a real winner, and the second one’s previews have been hitting audiences hard. If your child wants to be a Wonder Woman order soon. The new modern princess is sure to be a favorite this year as well.

wonder woman Halloween costume scaled

Minecraft creeper

More inflatable fun with this creeper is sure to be a hit. Minecraft has become a modern classic, its unique design makes this costume stand out.

Spider Gwen

Girls have finally had a few great superhero costumes. Spider Gwen is one of our favorites. Sony is rumored to have more media in coming years, this will be a hot one for sure.


Classic and a new twist, no matter which version of Spiderman your kid wants to be they have several choices. These are the favorites we found, we really enjoy this variation, your kids will as well.

Best family costumes


Pixar is our favorite here, you could all go as your favorite character while still keeping a theme. Or you can go all-in with the Incredibles family. I included some of our favorites below, this could almost be a list itself.

Addams Family

The Addams family never goes out of style, just think about how many times this has been a successful remake. If your flavor is the new cartoon or the originals the great thing is the characters are all the same. They make for a fun spooky family costume.

Best adult costumes

Pink Flamingo

How could you not be a hit with this cute and hilarious flamingo? We may even see if my son will wear this as a bet.

Bob Ross

Bob is the best what can we say and now he has become a king of the meme.

Inflatable alien

After eyeing this for a while I’m ordering this one. It’s just too funny to pass, with GTA V being a big alien mess this would be great for your adult-sized teens as well.

We searched what felt like forever to find our favorites, think you can do better, find your favorite costume at the bottom of the page, and then use the contact us form to tell us about it. Do you want this year’s best costumes? Don’t wait, we did the shopping for you, below are a few more infant ideas if you don’t like the ones above.