What Your Mom Really Wants For Mothers Day!

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Wait….when’s Mother’s Day? That’s right….it snuck right upon us again this year and many of you are now stumped as to what to give that amazing woman in your life. Although we all love and appreciate our mothers our choices for gifts don’t always reflect this. Follow this quick guide for suggestions on how to truly wow your mom this year and not fall short. 

Let’s start with what not to do…don’t feel bad if you have done this a time or two or three….those days are over! Below is a list of gifts that are generic and your mom is likely tired of receiving.

  • Flower arrangements
  • Box of candy
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Gift certificate for something YOU like
  • “World’s Best Mother” anything 
  • Perfume

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There are of course exceptions to these rules (such as your mother asking for these items directly)  but these gifts should never be given and practically scream generic and uncaring. 

What kind of gift does she want then?

Flowers and Plants

I know we just told you don’t buy Mom another bouquet of flowers. If you are going to invest in flowers or plants, make them live. Your mom is going to be much happier with a selection of flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc. if she can plant them in her garden and enjoy them for longer than a week. If she doesn’t have the space for a garden but would love one, buy some fancy and creative pots for her porch or patio. You can also get her a small “indoor” garden of her favorite cactuses or mini roses to put as a centerpiece.

Event Tickets

It can be any type of event that you know your mom would be interested in or has talked about. You know your mom best and remember that making a memory will always be worth more than a material item that will end up collecting dust. Research what types of music your mother likes and buy a pair of concert tickets or if she is into local music take her to a festival to listen to some new music. Paint nights are another great idea. You don’t need any artistic talent and they are offered in almost any city. They usually include appetizers, wine, and a fantastic instructor to walk you through the evening. Any interest that your mother has you can find an event or class for it, it might just take a little research.

Gift Baskets

I’ll be the first one to tell you ordering a generic fruit basket or edible arrangement is not a great gift idea. Yes, it will likely get eaten but it is not impressing anyone. What your mom really wants though is to see that you put in the time and effort to know what she likes and values. This is easily achievable by making your own gift basket. You don’t need to be a creative or crafty person to put together something meaningful. You can put together a gardening gift basket with all the supplies she would need to start her own garden. If your mom is a movie buff put together a basket of her favorite snacks with some gift certificates to the movie theatre. A gift basket can be anything and include whatever items you can think of.



Nostalgic Candy

Kitchen Gadgets

This is generally a don’t unless your mother is really into cooking and asks for something specific. If you have the type of mom who loves her kitchen appliances and you want to get her something that will not only make great food but also make her life easier we recommend getting the Ninja Foodie XL. This appliance has so many functions and could save her counter space as it can also replace 3 to 4 other appliances that take up the counter. See the link below to check out its really cool features!

Over Sink Dish Drying Rack

Ninja Foodi 10 in 1

Ninja Foodie Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer

Books (Hardback and Digital)

If your mother likes to read, a good book is a great idea! Books offer a wide variety of ideas as you can find a book on literally any subject that your mother is interested in from history to travel to cooking. Your mom will know that you care if you pick up a book about her favorite subject or the newest book by her favorite author. Go a step further and write a special message to your mother on the inside cover letting her know how much she means to you! The next option for the mom on the go or the woman who does not have space for a stack of books is to get an e-book reader. This allows her to get books online at any time and take them with her. We recommend the Kindle Paperwhite listed below as I received one for Christmas and not only do I now have hundreds of books at my fingertips but the display screen is super easy to read unlike some of the earlier versions.

Or buy her a year of Kindle Unlimited so she has a ton to read on any of her devices. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Bath Caddy’s

After your mom or wife has had a long day of cooking, cleaning, putting in hours at the office, and taking care of kids she needs time to unwind. Nothing is more relaxing than running a nice hot bubble bath, grabbing a good book, and a glass of your favorite beverage. The best way to do this without having to juggle all your favorite things is this awesome bath caddy! It stretches across the bathtub so that you can read your book and your favorite things without getting them wet in the tub. You could also use this caddy to serve mom breakfast in bed. (If you want to earn brownie points) Don’t forget to get Mom a package of her favorite bath bombs or bubble baths to enjoy with her new gift.

Nothing Can Beat Making Memories

No matter what you decide to get that special lady in your life this year know this: Nothing is more valuable to your mother or wife than spending time with her and making memories. Make sure to visit when you can, and take her to a nice brunch or dinner where you can catch up and spend some quality time. If you aren’t able to visit her on Mother’s Day, let her know you are thinking of her and call her to let her know how much you appreciate the sacrifices she has made. Better yet, write her a heartfelt letter for her to keep when you are apart. Life is short, make memories and cherish the beautiful woman who gave you life or takes care of your beautiful children. Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to celebrate her but make sure it’s not the only time. 

We love hearing from our readers! If you have any other unique or awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas we would love to hear about them. 

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