Still on cable? Why?

Old tv rabit ears

Still, paying over $100 for cable but not finding anything you want to watch? Have all the streaming services but only use maybe 2 consistently? There are better ways to utilize your money and make sure you are still not missing your weekly sitcom.

It’s time to stop giving the cable company all your money. I, myself often get carried away with streaming services and in an attempt to stay budget conscious I bounce around between them. However, being inconsistent with which streaming service free trial you are using this month usually results in forgetting to ever cancel them.

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You make yourself a goal of no more than two streaming services but our favorite shows are so spread out and rarely on the same service. Then there is the Netflix original series, the Hulu inclusive movies, and don’t forget the ever-amazing series that you can have access to with Amazon Prime. Maybe, we’ll pay for just the local channels from the cable package so that we can get the news as well. Doesn’t seem so bad at $12.99 for Hulu and then $16.99 for Netflix. Then wait! Your new favorite show is on HBO but that’s not included with these packages. That’s okay we can just pay the extra $10.99 for a few weeks so that we can catch all of our show. We’ll remember to cancel this time we promise…

Cable again?

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We have kids so naturally, they also like tv and subscriptions to cartoons and the latest teenage rom-com. In an effort to appease everyone, the bills start adding up. It got to the point I thought about going back to cable. Something had to be done and who better to solicit advice from than my own mother? Her advice was so simple. She told me something that some know but even fewer take advantage of. You may even be able to get all your local stations in HD. How is it that I had forgotten about this, was I living under a rock? I remember hearing about this years ago and just never bothered to spend the few bucks to see the results. Perhaps it’s time to ditch cable and a variety of streaming services in lieu of a cheaper option.

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Is this going to be complex?

It’s simple really. Do you remember the tin foil or often janky rabbit ears you used to have as a child? You could tune in to a few channels if you were lucky and frequently had to readjust the ears just to get a decent signal. Wait, those are still in existence? They are and are now in HD while offering more channels. Just like us they have evolved over the years and are a great option.

  • 1. Don’t wait as we did buy from the Amazon link we added at the bottom of the page
  • 2. Plugin the power
  • 3. Plug it into HDMI on the TV and antenna
  • 4. Change your input to match

So easy anyone can do it and I mean anyone!

We purchased one about a year ago but listed the newest models below. I figured if it worked for us why not spread the good news? If only I had listened last year and tried it then I would have saved a ton on our entertainment bills. Now that we have this modern twist on a forgotten classic, I can cut off another streaming service from the monthly budget. If you pay for local channels with another company, you can ditch them and save money as well.


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From my perspective as a father of three, it now seems silly that I didn’t try this before. I do feel a little ashamed that my mother taught me something about technology. I was the one who sent a streaming device to her for Christmas. It’s great to have all the real local channels and now sports just feel more at home. Thanks, Mom this post is dedicated to you.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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