Celebrate this week’s Holidays!

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Celebrate this week’s Holidays

Week of 09/21-9/27

Monday 9/21

  • Batman Day! – We all know that Batman is now a household name, especially if you have children. The first-ever Batman day started back in 1939 to memorialize his first appearance in “Detective Comic.” So today grab a warm blanket and curl up to watch or read your favorite Batman movie/comic!
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Tuesday 9/22    

  • Hobbit Day!– Let’s go back to our youth…okay or for some of us yesterday. Whether you are a huge fan of Tolkien or not we have all read The Hobbit or at least watched the movie. This day is proclaimed Hobbit Day as September 22nd is the birthday of the main characters Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. True fans throw parties today and while we love nothing more than a nice shindig, I would settle for just a pizza and reread the book today. 
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Wednesday 9/23

  • National Dogs in Politics Day!– While many of our presidents have had their loyal canine live with them in the Whitehouse, none is more famous than Checkers. Checkers was President Nixon’s dog and on this day in 1952 the president gave a speech later nicknamed, “Checkers Speech.” In an attempt to seem more personable the president showed not only his family on this televised speech but also his loyal furry companion. 
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Thursday 9/24

  • World Bollywood Day!– If you haven’t seen a good Bollywood film you are missing out! This Indian (Hindi) film industry is literally the world’s biggest motion pictures when taking into account the sheer number of films produced. Our favorite is “Queen” starring Kangana Ranau. Do some research and try out a few, you won’t regret it.
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Friday 9/25

  • National One-Hit Wonder Day!– Do you ever catch yourself dancing to “Ice Ice Baby” or “Barbie Girl” in your house while thinking “what the heck happened to those guys? Did they make any more hits?” The answer is no but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and still appreciate them. Today, build a playlist of one-hit wonders, and don’t forget to add the most popular one-hit wonder of all time, “Macarena.”
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Saturday 09/26

  • National Pancake Day!– Alright while this holiday is pretty self-explanatory and definitely making us hungry a little known fact is there are actually two dates that are National Pancake Day. That’s fine with us, just another reason to make a heaping stack today whether it be for breakfast or dinner. Try having a pancake bar for the family where everyone gets to add their own mix-ins or toppings!
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Sunday 9/27

  • National No Excuses Day!- While this holiday sounds like more work it was actually created by a Canadian organization named SCENE. The day is not about finally cleaning out that closet that you have been avoiding or finally cutting carbs out of your diet. It has one simple rule and that is to commit to making the whole day about spending time and making memories with those you care about most. Slow down today and have a picnic or a game night together. Even if all you could squeeze in is dinner as a family tonight that is a step in the right direction.
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