Celebrate the Holidays! Week of 11/9-11/15

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Monday, 11/9

Go To An Art Museum Day!

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No need to be a critic or an artist to enjoy art work. With thousands of artists and styles, there is bound to be something to appeal to anyone. This holiday is celebrated worldwide and over 30,000 art museums participate each year. Research your local art museums or make a day trip to another city and spend the day exploring all that the museum has to offer. Talk with your family and friends about what their favorite piece is and why.

Tuesday, 11/10

Sesame Street Day!

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We all know the characters of Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Sesame Street first aired in 1969 and was both educational and entertaining with their colorful and not soon forgotten characters. Today many kids may not have had the pleasure of seeing Sesame Street episodes as the show was forced to leave its home channel PBS and move to HBO. Sesame Street has become such a household name however that even the youngest child knows who Elmo or Cookie Monster is. Find time today to curl up on the couch with your family and watch one of your favorite Sesame Street episodes. Relive your childhood for a few moments and share these memories with your family.

Wednesday, 11/11

National Sundae Day!

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Yum! One of our favorite holidays (although we wish it took place in warmer months) as a family. Ice cream has always been a favorite treat but the origin of the ice cream sundae while unable to be verified is believed to be served in 1881 when Edward Berners (a local pharmacist) served a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce. Why would that be different than any other day you ask? Well at that time there was an ordinance that stated that no one could sell ice cream sodas on a Sunday. Edward decided he would find another way around this and made it without the soda. Due to this popular treat arising on Sundays when the ice cream soda couldn’t be sold due to Sabbath the modern-day “sundae” was born. No matter what your favorite flavors maybe, get a variety of toppings and make sundaes after dinner.

Thursday, 11/12

French Dip Day!

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Delicious beef, caramelized onions, melted cheese, and au jus. Is there any comfort food better? What you may not know about this classic sandwich is that it is not french at all and actually originated in Los Angeles, California. The french part of the name comes from it originally being served on french bread. While we are unsure of who actually started this amazing sandwich two men take credit. One being local cuisine, Coles and the second being a local establishment named Philippe’s. While Coles states that this sandwich was created by them for a guest with mouth pain that was struggling to eat. Their solution was to take the roast beef sandwich and soak it in the “jus” leftover in the roast beef pan. Phillipes stated that they created it after accidentally dropping a sandwich roll in au jus beef pan. We may never know the actual answer but we do know the result was pure and delicious. Tonight, make homemade french dip sandwiches with your favorite side. Your family will thank you!

Friday, 11/13

World Kindness Day!

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While every day should be about being kind to others this holiday has only been around since 1998. Kindness day was created by the world kindness movement and their goal is very self-explanatory. The motto being Be kind to others always. This holiday is celebrated not only in the United States but also in Italy, India, Australia, and Nigeria. Other countries have started celebrating it as well with the goal to someday have it celebrated everywhere. Today challenge yourself and your family to do a kind gesture for a stranger in these times of need. With all the bitterness and struggle in the world one act of kindness could be life-changing for someone needing help or losing hope. 

Saturday, 11/14

National Pickle Day!

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Whether it accompanies a sandwich or you want a sweet or spicy snack, everyone knows pickles are a great food. With several variations and spices, this food is healthy and versatile. You can put them on sandwiches, burgers, salads or even eat them alone. The pickle originates as far back as 2030 B.C. when many people would buy cucumbers from traders and then pickle them to preserve them. While we frequently think of cucumbers when we think of pickling the truth is you can pickle almost any vegetable and even eggs. Today, try to experiment with different varieties of pickles and different pickled items. You might be surprised at what flavors you find.

Sunday, 11/15

National Recycling Day!

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It’s everywhere you look. Trash, empty bottles, and litter all over the roads and our beautiful environment. Each year, Americans contribute roughly 246 million tons of waste. We are slowly ruining our earth and this day is about educating about the benefits of recycling and how we can improve the world we live in. There are several ways to help. If you are unsure if something is recyclable contact your local recycling and trash pick-up services. Below is a list of ways to help:

  • Utilize washable and reusable water bottles for your beverages. Currently, over 60 million water bottles end up in our landfills daily.
  • Recycle all cans, bottles, and plastic containers. You can subscribe to recycling alongside your trash service. 
  • Invest in reusable grocery bags. Plastic bags are very wasteful. If you absolutely can not bring yourself to use recyclable bags, use paper. They are 100% recyclable.
  • If you need to dispose of electronics, tires, etc. donate them to a local charity or check if there are any recycling centers nearby. Many of them will even do pick-ups directly from your home

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