Celebrate the Holidays! Week of 11/2-11/8

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Monday, 11/2

Day of the Dead!


No, the Day of the Dead has no relation to our US celebrated holiday, Halloween. Day of the Dead is a holiday that originated in Mexico and is all about honoring the afterlife. It is a day to celebrate friends and family that have passed and to reiterate that death is not something to be afraid of. The day is celebrated by visiting loved ones in the graveyard, setting up memorials to honor them, and parades where people adorn skeleton makeup and costumes. If you are unfamiliar with the holiday we recommend doing a little research or watching the family-friendly movie, Coco to learn more about how this holiday is celebrated.

Tuesday, 11/3

National Homemaker Day!


Are you running your household day in and day out and feel unnoticed? This day is for you and for your family to show how much they appreciate everything that you do. Traditionally the role of the homemaker followed the traditional female norm. However, in today’s society, those once traditional roles have been thrown out and we are seeing plenty of amazing men and fathers taking care of the household. While many homes now feature both parents working and taking care of the day to day chores, others choose to have one parent work while the other does the day to day household necessities. Regardless of how your home is set up, celebrate the domestic engineer in your home by cooking them a nice dinner and letting them know how much they mean to you.

Wednesday, 11/4

National Candy Day!


Yes, I know it is only the 4th of the month and we are still sick of hearing about candy from Halloween. Many kids are still riding that sugar rush as they devour their plentiful bounty. The invention of candy was nothing like the modern candies we see today as they were usually fruit or flowers that were coated in honey or sugar cane. Candy was also only eaten by the wealthy and was designed to help with digestion as many ancient cultures did not have a fresh diet, which frequently led to stomach issues. During the industrial revolution, there were a lot of advancements made and the first candies available to the public were made.

Thursday, 11/5

Bonfire Night!


Bonfire Night, also known by the names Guy Fawkes night, and fireworks night is about the survival of King James the first after a plot run by Guy Fawkes was thwarted. This holiday is celebrated mostly in the United Kingdom by lighting bonfires and fireworks all over London for being able to stop the “Gunpowder Plot.” While most people do not celebrate this holiday here we like to watch V for Vendetta (although not completely historically accurate.)

Friday, 11/6

Saxophone Day!

Whether you are a fan of jazz or not, one can not disagree that this instrument provides a beautiful and soulful sound. The saxophone was invented in 1840 by Adolphe Sax. Originally it was used in military bands but has spread all around the world in many settings. One of the facts that most people don’t know is that the saxophone comes in a variety of types for different sounds. Celebrate today by playing your favorite song on the saxophone (if you play), listening to some great jazz music, or taking a lesson. 

Saturday, 11/7

National Bison Day!


This day is to celebrate the North American bison. While these beautiful creatures use to be abundant due to excessive hunting they were reduced to only 700 herds. Many Native American tribes appreciated and relied on this animal utilizing all of the animal as to prevent any waste. In 1992 the InterTribal Indian Council started educational programs and worked with environmental organizations to help move the remaining bison back to reservations where they could be properly protected. What you may not know is they are located in all 50 states and are the country’s official mammal. If you have never seen this creature in person take time to find a national park near you to see them and educate your kids about their importance.

Sunday, 11/8

National Cappuccino Day!

National Cappuccino Day

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and enjoying a hot cup of cappuccino while getting ready for your day. While coffee has been in existence and loved by many for hundreds of years the cappuccino is thought to have originated in the 17th century. There is some argument as to who and where it originated but it’s believed it was created by monks or Catholic Church friars in Vienna. No matter where it was created we love them and think you deserve to pick one up at your local coffee shop today.

By Ourfamily

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