Celebrate the Holidays!

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Week of 09/28-10/4 celebrate the holidays

Week of 09/28-10/4

Monday, 9/28

  • National Family Day– This holiday falls on the fourth Monday each September. This great holiday is all about putting family first. We all try to do this every day but in a world of complex schedules, it’s hard to make face time with family. This holiday was created for one simple purpose, to hold a family dinner that everyone in your family attends. (If you don’t know what to make, try one of our easy recipes on our website) In addition to just catching up on your family’s day to day life, there is an added bonus. Some studies have shown that eating dinner as a family as little as twice a week will lessen the chance of your children using addictive and harmful substances such as drugs, tobacco, etc.
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Tuesday, 9/29

  • World Heart Day– This international holiday is all about recognizing and learning to take care of one of the most important organs in our body..the heart. Involve the whole family and join a local charity run, look up heart friendly exercises and workout as a family, or teach your family to cook a healthy meal. Don’t forget to check in on friends and family members that suffer from heart disease and see what you can help them with. 

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Wednesday, 9/30

  • National Love People Day– No, this holiday is not the second Valentine’s Day nor is it a reminder to simply love your sweetie or kids more. The purpose of this holiday is to spread love to EVERYONE. Make it a goal as a family to spread love through buying a homeless person a meal, assisting a friend with a task that they desperately need help with, or simply write a note to each family member as to why you love them. Don’t forget the little things. 

National love people day

Thursday, 10/1

  • National Homemade Cookies Day– Yum! We love this holiday and who doesn’t. Sure, our cupboards may have Chips Ahoy in them or a delicious package of Oreos but nothing compares to a warm homemade cookie. There’s something about them that just takes you back to a simpler time in your childhood spending time with mom. The great thing about this holiday is not only the cookies but spending time as a family making your favorite kinds. 

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Friday, 10/2

  • World Smile Day– Yes, something we can all smile about! Today, smile at everyone you encounter. Yes, even the grumpy neighbor or scowling person on the street. You never know how impactful a smile can be and you will find they are contagious. Make a goal for each person in the family to make at least one person smile today by doing a good deed. You can achieve this by visiting family, making someone a favorite meal, or just doing something special for someone to show you care.
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Saturday, 10/3

  • National Poetry Day– This can be a fun holiday for everyone involved. Poetry may not be your thing but we can make it fun! Have everyone do a little research to find a poem that “speaks to them” or see who can find the funniest poem. Then read them out loud and talk about them. It may open a door to interests you didn’t know you had. If you would rather take a creative route, have everyone write a poem (it doesn’t have to rhyme) and share your work with each other.

Poetry day

Sunday, 10/4

  • National Taco Day– Hey, we know it’s not Taco Tuesday but who doesn’t want an extra reason to eat this delicious food! While tacos have been around for generations, I’ll bet you didn’t know that the infamous taco trucks that we love today started in 1966 run by two housewives in New York. If you’re feeling like spicing things up a bit try using a different taco meat tonight and use shredded chicken, pulled pork, or carne asada. Don’t forget the salsa. 
National taco day

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