Celebrate the Holidays!

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Week of 10/19-10/25

Monday, 10/19

Evaluate Your Life Day!

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Whether you are organized, messy, a world traveler or a homebody we all need to regularly check in and see what needs to be reevaluated in their life. Take a look at all aspects of your life. Family, career, health, finances etc. Are all things that should be looked at and reprioritized. It’s ok to not be where you want to be in life but today is all about seeing how you can get back on that path. Make the necessary changes by writing a budget, planning a family vacation or booking a retreat to rejuvenate.

Tuesday, 10/20

International Sloth Day!


Who doesn’t love these slow moving creatures that always seem to be smiling? This day is all about celebrating and educating yourself about these interesting creatures. While we definitely know that sloths are slow you may not know that they are also great swimmers and are capable of holding their breaths for up to 40 minutes. Unsurprisingly, they sleep up to 20 hours a day and it takes a month for the sloth to digest their meals. While there are 6 types of sloths currently in existence, the pygmy sloth is almost extinct. Look into foundations that have ideas on how you can help to protect them.

Wednesday, 10/21

International Nacho Day!


Yum! This whole day is dedicated to making and eating nachos! We love that nachos can be so versatile with toppings making it a fun family favorite. The nacho was created by and named after Ignacio Anaya. (Nacho is short for Ignacio) Ignacio was working at a club late at night when a group of military wives came in looking for dinner as everywhere was closed. He didn’t have much food left there so he threw them together an appetizer that he named the “Nacho Special.” Make a nacho buffet for dinner with all the toppings!!!

Thursday, 10/22

National Nut Day!


This relatively new holiday was officially started in 2015 by Liberation Food Company in hopes of promoting nuts as a healthier snack option. With all the options that we have now to munch throughout the day, nuts are a fulfilling snack. Try incorporating them into your family’s diet in place of chips, candy’s and sugar filled treats. Try different types as they all have great benefits, and if the kids are still craving a variety make homemade trail mixes where you can sneak some nuts in. 

Friday, 10/23

National Boston Cream Day!

Boston cream

This day is here to celebrate the official dessert of Massachusetts! This delicious pie is actually more of a cake made out of butter cake, custard and a chocolate glaze. The first Boston Cream Pie was made in 1856 but at that time this dessert was made in a pie tin thus why it was labeled as a pie instead of a cake. Tonight add a dessert to dinner and make it a Boston Cream Pie.

Saturday, 10/24

Make a Difference Day!

make a difference

While we should strive to make a difference every day, we love that this day created in 1992 is there to give everyone that reminder. There are so many ways to make a difference both large and small. Smile or compliment strangers that you see, give to those less fortunate or be a mentor to someone in need of guidance. Pick 1 or 10 things to do today that can help make a difference.

Sunday, 10/25

Sourest Day


No, this day is not about celebrating the delicious lemon fruit! This holiday, originating in 1977 was made to honor an Ann Arbor, Michigan resident whose last name was Sauer. We celebrate this “Sauer” Day by allowing ourselves to have a sour or grumpy mood for the day. (Don’t over do it!). For younger children and family it can be a game. See who can go the whole day without cracking a smile. (It’s harder than it sounds)

By Ourfamily

We are a recently blended family of five. As the parents in this household, we have a variety of struggles with two bouts of cancer, fibromyalgia, and hypertension between us. We are real people just trying to help others with similar difficulties bring back the joy and fun in your family’s life. Our happy family consists of three wonderful children with ages ranging from eight to seventeen. Between our children, we are challenged daily with diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, and spirited personalities all around. They each have their own strengths as well as struggles giving them each a delightful and unique addition to our family. We are also blessed with several fur babies such as our two quirky pups, three moody cats, and a chunky bunny. With this ever-growing circus, we are always looking for life hacks to make life just a little easier.