Parents Guide to the Pivot

Making the Most From a Failed Experiment

As parents, our lives consist of constant projects and events in hope of bringing positive experiences to our children. Sometimes and let’s face it most of the time there are bumps and obstacles in even the most planned out days or activities. It’s easy advice to say make the best of a situation, but why not pivot and make the blundered experience into something else entirely. It’s better to have a great experience than to accept failure, especially with your kids. There’s no point in letting an obstacle ruin your family’s day and an event that your child may have already built up in their mind. Children are full of creative ideas and play. If they can make the most of what they have at their disposal so can we. 


Ultimate Parents Guide to Among Us

Is Among Us safe for kids? 

The short answer is no unless you properly understand what’s going on, and do some research yourself. With some guidance, it can be a safe place for many ages to enjoy.

This depends on the age of the son or daughter, Among Us itself is only mildly violent with very cartoonish and animated death which protects our kids from seeing too much gore or disturbing imagery. It does however still revolve around murder and violence at its core. Among Us is not nearly as violent as many modern games. The real reason to be cautious of this game is largely it still includes a public chat. No matter how hard developers work, people will ruin it or find ways to make these rooms unsafe. Our advice is if you are going to let your child play, make sure you are monitoring their activity. Only allow them to play with friends and family in a private room, staying out of public games. If your child is older and you can trust them and have good communication, then the game is tame compared to many AAA (Blockbuster) titles.  Join us as we navigate through and give you the ultimate parent’s guide to Among Us.


Ultimate Parents Guide To Roblox For All Ages.

Is Roblox safe for your kids?

The answer really depends on the age and maturity of your child as well as your involvement. The short answer is no, as nothing online is completely safe but with proper setup and restrictions it can be an enjoyable experience. 

Advice Holidays

Celebrate the Holidays!

Week of 10/19-10/25

Monday, 10/19

Evaluate Your Life Day!

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Whether you are organized, messy, a world traveler or a homebody we all need to regularly check in and see what needs to be reevaluated in their life. Take a look at all aspects of your life. Family, career, health, finances etc. Are all things that should be looked at and reprioritized. It’s ok to not be where you want to be in life but today is all about seeing how you can get back on that path. Make the necessary changes by writing a budget, planning a family vacation or booking a retreat to rejuvenate.

Advice Recommended Trips

A Budget Friendly Vacation and Why Every Family Should Visit Washington D.C.

Every year thousands of families scrimp and save in hopes that they may get to take their family on one good vacation.

A vacation is so great that it is scrapbook worthy and the kids will look back at it fondly even as adults. For us, an annual vacation is not possible. So when we do splurge we like to make it epic! lets make it a budget friendly vacation while we are at it.


The ultimate 2020 parents guide to gaming consoles this holiday season.

 The pre-orders are over, and now you realize you need to find one of the hottest items on everyone’s holiday list.

The only thing worse is making the mistake of buying your family the wrong one that didn’t have the features and compatibility they needed. What do you do? This year has so many options that if you’re not game savvy can be a nightmare, but we’re going to help make this easy. Our advice from the top, if you have one brand of system stay with it. If you can wait a year it’s not a bad idea as this year’s launch titles are underwhelming with not too many new titles. It’s not as easy as back when we were kids, let us help you with our ultimate guide to video game consoles.

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Usually, you get better deals and bundles the second year of a new console life cycle as well. Let’s be real though, your kid wants it and won’t accept anything less. As parents on a budget and time crunch, we feel the strain but we are going to get them what they want because the holidays are about joy right? If you are going to wait and don’t have a Nintendo Switch these may be a great alternative option. If you want to learn how we came to this conclusion, dig in below, and while lengthy, by the end you will be the educated shopper that makes your children proud. You won’t be the cringy mom or dad like we are often accused of when we aren’t hip with the times. Read our whole article below to be the real hero this year.