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Are Paint Rooms for the Whole Family?

Paint Fight and Splatter…Not in My House!

Growing up in a small town as a child, I have warm memories of playing outside in dirt piles, jumping in mud puddles, drawing creations with sidewalk chalk, and finger painting on easels. All of these activities include two vital things……FUN and a MESS! As an adult, when my daughter does these exact activities I shudder at the mess that I am inevitably going to have to clean up. I vowed when I had my own children I would be the “fun” mom and wouldn’t care about all the messes made from my children’s adventures. The first few years I did well and delivered on that promise, we made all sorts of messy projects playing with paint, play doh and of course slime! We even had an indoor silly string fight once!  As the years went on and my daughter wanted to play with varieties of confetti and crazy science experiences I started suggesting she do them outdoors or look for more clean and “boring” activities.

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We have all been guilty of putting off a fun project or family night after a long day of work. Some days it is a challenge just to get the kids homework done, make dinner and give them a bath. In our home because of our constant hectic schedules we started making Sundays our family adventure day. Sunday is reserved for activities that will be fun and go outside of the norm. I usually spend the night before looking for fun activities that will nourish my child’s sense of adventure and bring us all closer together. As I was giving up I stumbled upon the perfect activity for my family and better yet required no clean up for me! Are Paint Rooms for the whole Family?

In the town of Nashua, New Hampshire a newer business had opened offering what I can only describe as the type of therapy and fun everyone needs. The name of the company is Rage Cage. While this business opened up as an iconic smash room it has since made additions that are fun for all ages. I was excited to see they had a smash room. If you haven’t heard of a smash room it consists of taking various glass objects and appliances, a weapon of your choice and smashing them to bits in a room with your choice of music. The only downfall to this activity is that you must be at least 13 years of age for safety reasons. While I was disappointed as our youngest is only 9, I made a mental note to visit the smash room as a date night.

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Then I saw that they had another option for a paint splatter room, an activity pointed to families of all ages! In essence, you get to go into a room with your family or friends and have the ultimate paint fight and you guessed it…no clean up for you! We immediately booked a spot for the next day and started preparing. While they do provide personal protective eye glasses you will want to make sure that you wear clothes that you are comfortable getting ruined. We recommend white t-shirts and clothes if you can as it looks awesome in the aftermath. Additionally, bring a change of clothes to change into after so that you do not get paint all over your car on the way home. There is also a stereo where you can plug in your phone and play your favorite music. 

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Once you are changed into your clothes you are ready for the ultimate paint splatter party! You will each get to pick several vials of different colored paints and a canvas for actual painting as well. We also opted to purchase additional “paint balls” which are cotton balls soaked in glittered paint to throw at each other. The experience lasted about an hour as we shot each other back and forth with as much paint as we could! While our faces and clothes were drenched in tie dye fun, the smile on my daughters face was worth every penny. She was able to run and throw paint with no consequences, and out of all the activities that we have done this was definitely in her top 3 fun trips. We even brought home our 3 canvases and hung them up as a reminder of our adventure. (Although it is safe to say that none of us will be the next Van Gogh!)

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Next time you want to move away from the day to day activities at home and show your kids how “cool” you really are, book a spot at a paint splatter room. It would also make a great birthday party idea and one that your family will not soon forget. While our closest paint splatter and smash room is in New Hampshire, this fun new activity is popping up all over the United States and is only a computer search away.